JURISGLOBAL is an independent, inter-professional and international group of lawyers, business councils, judicial officers and mediators.

Transfer and
restructuring of Companies

Whether you are a seller or a buyer, we are present at all stages of the company’s life cycle.

From negotiation to decision-making, our team of multidisciplinary and multi-professional experts is at your service, from the first exchange (letter of intent, confidentiality agreement, etc.) until the agreement is signed.

Our close relationship with our clients and our cross-disciplinary expertise enable us to communicate with the various players in your organisation (CFO, HRD, legal department, etc.)

Although the majority of the operations we assist today take place in France, we can intervene internationally thanks to our network.

Key words

  • mergers/acquisitions
  • majority/minority sale
  • private equity
  • LBO
  • hybrid operations BIMBO, MEBO, LBU
  • joint venture
  • private equity
  • group structuring
  • internal reorganisation
  • mergers
  • partial contributions of assets
  • leases
  • intra-group agreements
  • delegations of powers
  • family businesses
  • shareholders’ agreements 
  • intergenerational transmission