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Gaétan Di Martino

Position: Founder
Phone: +33 (0) 367103243
Email: info@juris.global
Categories: Automotive Industry, Banking, Business Law, Company Law, Contract Law, Industry, Insurance, International Law, Lawyers, Litigation, Luxury, Mediators, Real Estate Agents, Regulated Professions, Restaurants Industries, Retail, Social Law, Tax Law
Location: Paris, Strasbourg

GAETAN DI MARTINO is a lawyer, mediator and certified negotiator. He is regularly appointed by the courts to help parties in conflict to find a rapid and secure solution.

He is mainly involved in advice, transactions and judicial, tax and arbitration litigation in business law.

He has developed significant and recognised expertise in the following areas in particular

– business transfer/takeover operations,

– business and corporate law disputes and litigation between shareholders, particularly family shareholders,

– Structuring and restructuring of corporate groups

– The development of international activities

– Defence of managers and regulated professionals

– Advising companies in labour disputes, new technologies and large-scale operations.

GAETAN DI MARTINO is particularly active in the automotive sector where he has advised well-known players such as dealers, manufacturers, agents and subcontractors.

He also has extensive experience in the following sectors: retail, industry, new technologies, real estate and insurance.

He is most often called upon to intervene in complex cases with high stakes or involving several disciplines or international jurisdictions.

GAETAN DI MARTINO is a founding lawyer of JURISGLOBAL since 2011 and practises between Strasbourg and Paris, after having practised for 5 years in London. He also founded JURISMEDIATION, a new generation international network of mediators dedicated to accelerated dispute resolution.

He teaches mediation and taxation at the Ecole de Management and the Institut d’Etudes Politiques de Strasbourg.

– Ranked as a “Reputable Practice” in “Business Litigation” by Décideurs magazine 2019, 2020 and 2021.

– Finalist for the 2020 Innovation Prize (Village de la Justice)

– DJCE Master in Business Law (University of Strasbourg)

– Master in Banking and Finance (University of Strasbourg).

– Certificate of aptitude for the legal profession (2010).

– Registered European Lawyer of England and Wales (2016-1019)

– Solicitor of the High Court of England and Wales (2019)

– Certificate of mediation and negotiation between companies (Paris Dauphine) (2021)

Gaétan Di Martino


Daniele Villa

Position: Avocat
Phone: +39 668 136 714
Email: d.villa@juris.global
Categories: Business Law, Company Law, Contract Law, International Law, Lawyers, Litigation, Social Law, Tax Law
Location: Rome

Daniele Villa is an Italian lawyer admitted to the Rome Bar since 1993 and registered with the Italian Court of Cassation since 2009. He handles advisory and litigation matters in support of company directors, cooperatives and non-profit organisations.

Daniele Villa handles cases in the fields of mergers and acquisitions, real estate, corporate crisis prevention and management, business law, international trade law, anti-money laundering, creation and development of corporate networks, joint ventures and consortia, RGPD, international family law, labour law, intellectual property and privacy

Daniele Villa previously worked as a legal attaché at the French Embassy in Italy.

He founded the law firm Villa Isoldi & Associati with Antonio Isoldi in 2008 before joining the Jurisglobal network in July 2017.

Daniele Villa

William di Cicco

William Di Cicco

Position: Avocat
Phone: +39 66 813 671
Email: w.dicicco@juris.global
Categories: Business Law, Company Law, Contract Law, International Law, Lawyers, Litigation, Social Law, Tax Law
Location: Rome

William Di Cicco is an Italian lawyer admitted to the Rome Bar since 2005. He advises companies and groups, cooperatives and non-profit organisations.

He handles cases related to advice and litigation on the RGPD, new technologies, occupational safety and corporate liability, mergers and acquisitions, internationalisation and business law, anti-money laundering and intellectual property.

William Di Cicco is also a consultant to an international organisation and is recognised as an ISO 37001:2016 and SA 8000:2014 auditor.

He works at Villa Isoldi & Associati, a member of the Jurisglobal Group since 2008.

William Di Cicco


Mirna W. Mallak

Position: Avocate
Phone: +9611785009
Email: m.mallak@juris.global
Categories: Business Law, Company Law, Contract Law, International Law, Lawyers, Litigation
Location: Beirut

Mirna W. MALLAK has been a member of the Beirut Bar Association since 2007. She practices under the laws of the United Arab Emirates, where she is a resident.

She has extensive experience in international contract law and advises a number of major groups on corporate law matters. She specializes in mergers and acquisitions, private placements, IPOs, refinancing, recapitalization, but also practices in international arbitration.
Mirna W. MALLAK is a partner of the law firm Alameddine & Mallak established in 1988 and a member of the Jurisglobal Group network of lawyers in the Beirut office. She deals with legal issues in the Middle East as well as in the member countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council.

She holds a Master’s degree in Franco-Lebanese law from Saint Joseph University in Beirut and a Master’s degree in banking and financial law from the University of Paris II Panthéon-Assas. She also holds a University Diploma in Law and Computer Science. Mirna W. Mallak also completed her studies with a Master in Management from ESCP and an MBA from ESA.

Mirna W. Mallak


Francisca Isabel Martins

Position: Avocate
Phone: +351918106739
Email: f.martins@juris.global
Categories: Business Law, Contract Law, International Law, Litigation, Tax Law
Location: Lisbon

Francisca Isabel MARTINS has been practising since 2003, mainly in the fields of commercial law, international law, real estate law, tax law, private international law and civil law, while developing her skills in transnational litigation.

Francisca Isabel MARTINS is a lawyer specialised in commercial, international and banking litigation. Her territorial and material practice covers the Portuguese territory and all its courts.

She founded her independent law firm at the end of 2010.

She practices in French, Portuguese, Spanish and English and holds a D.E.J.A. I in Spanish and French law as well as a Master’s degree in business law and taxation from the University of Law of Nanterre in Paris.

In Portugal, she holds an equivalence to the Maîtrise obtained in France and da parte curricular do Mestrado em Ciências Jurídico-empresariais. After being admitted to the Lisbon Bar, she joined the Portuguese branch of the law firm Antonio Viñal & Co, where she headed the litigation, commercial, international and banking department for seven years.

Francisca Isabel Martins


Brahim Latrech

Position: Avocat
Phone: +21671830257
Email: b.latrech@juris.global
Categories: International Law, Litigation
Location: Tunis

Brahim LATRECH, Doctor of Law, lawyer specialised in maritime law  and related matters, has the experience of defending – and winning – important cases in Tunisia or abroad, not only in the field of maritime law but also in customs but also in the field of customs and environmental law, exequatur of foreign arbitral awards and judgments in Tunisia.

Brahim Latrech