JURISGLOBAL is an independent, inter-professional and international group of lawyers, business councils, judicial officers and mediators.

Criminal defence,
social and fiscal defence

Although our teams are able to intervene urgently, once the risk has been realised, thanks to assistance and defence at each stage of the procedure, we most often suggest that our clients carry out an audit upstream in order to clearly identify the risks to which the organisation and its managers are subject.

Knowing all the ins and outs allows us to act with full knowledge of the facts and to refine the strategy.

Our list of post-audit recommendations is usually accompanied by coaching to ensure that you can act effectively and without delay when a new disruptive element arises.

With Jurisglobal, the law is adapting to business life.


  • offence
  • misdemeanour
  • crime
  • police custody
  • accused
  • interrogation
  • hearing
  • presentation to the judge
  • sentence adjustment
  • abuse of corporate assets
  • money laundering
  • handling of stolen goods
  • tax fraud
  • DGCCRF investigations
  • breach of trust
  • influence peddling
  • Corruption
  • presentation or publication of untrue accounts
  • obstruction of the auditors’ mission
  • obstruction of employee representative bodies
  • harassment
  • concealed work



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