Our current business world goes beyond the regional borders and gives rise to new opportunities and challenges. Jurisglobal is a legal pioneer of this trend with a strong international reach that helps its clients to become more “global” while minimising the challenges.

JURISGLOBAL is the new inter-professional and international network of lawyers, business advisor, court bailiffs and mediators. Founded in Strasbourg and present in Paris, we support and defend companies and entrepreneurs in France and abroad. We use the tools of today and tomorrow to ensure the success of projects and the confidentiality of our exchanges. We are regularly awarded at the national level in business litigation. We are agile, innovative, collaborative, and successful

Backed by its international experience and presence, Jurisglobal has developed a strong network of lawyers all over the world, to bring together different expertises, and to remain close to the clients’ global interests.

Our ambition is to promote, in France and abroad, the development of our members’ activities and the quality of the services provided to our clients. Client satisfaction is the priority of our network. We combine strong legal knowledge and digital innovation to offer cross-border services while keeping “human contact” at the core of our business.

Young and dynamic, open and efficient, Jurisglobal supports you in building the best strategy to overcome borders and drive your business in France and internationally.