JURISGLOBAL is an independent, inter-professional and international group of lawyers, business councils, judicial officers and mediators.

Mediation and negotiation,
accelerated dispute resolution

For years we have heard that a wrong agreement is better than a right trial.

At Jurisglobal, we believe that each situation has its optimal dispute resolution method.

In each case, however complicated, political or media-related it may seem, and wherever the stakes go beyond the legal dimension, we focus on an optimal strategic approach.

Client-oriented – success-oriented means that we do everything possible to obtain a qualitative and lasting decision as quickly as possible, regardless of whether the case is settled in court or out-of-court.

We practice mediation out of conviction because it enables a rapid and less costly resolution of conflicts, whatever the context, whether it be an economic, health or political crisis.

Used all over the world, it allows our clients to resolve their disputes quickly so that they can concentrate on their main business and not waste their resources on long, costly and uncertain procedures.


  • alternative dispute resolution (ADR)
  • amicable
  • confidential
  • agreement
  • litigation
  • negotiation
  • active listening
  • time saving
  • short deadlines
  • operational and definitive solutions



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