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    Today, the legal field is facing a major digital evolution. It is our responsibility as lawyers to find solutions to maintain a trustworthy relationship with our clients while promising a better collaboration among our collaborators.

    At Jurisglobal, we believe using these evolutions for our client’s profit instead of sustaining them is the key to success. Therefore, we have instituted a transparency policy on costs and time spent on each case.

    Thanks to a high value approach of management, we can offer our clients a more personal and human support. It is our duty to show kindness and compassion to our clients.



    With a strong focus on innovation and collaboration, Jurisglobal has developed an exclusive partnership with, a collaborative solution for lawyers and clients, that provides our members with an access to the platform for them and their clients. It allows us to become the best lawyers possible for our clients and to be more available for them.

    As collaboration has become a trend, we have used the power of group thinking to serve the interests of our clients and contribute to their satisfaction.

    The use of is a high added value for each law firm and it conveys our will to always remain as near as the client’s interests.

    JURIS.BOT is a registered trade mark owned by Jurisglobal. We have developed a Legal Bot to remain available for our clients at all times. is a virtual assistant implemented on our website to guide and help our visitors through our website. Jurisbot is able to answer some of the requests of our visitors.

    Behind this technology we have a team of lawyers and juris who will be put in

    contact with the client once an a detailed assessment of the needs has been made.

    With, we wanted to create a customer service that allows us to initiate the talk with a visitor before it has even become a client. We believe customer care starts by taking the first step towards a visitor to help them realise they have a definite need by providing a comprehensive response plan.


    We believe the synergy of a group allows it to overcome any challenges. It is particularly true considering the Legal world is facing tremendous numerical changes. Therefore, we work together to create the best solution for lawyers and clients. We also support each of our members in developing their own project, and we provide them with promotional tools to get more visibility.