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    Avocat - Solicitor - CEO - Strasbourg | Paris | London

    Gaétan DI MARTINO 

    Visionary and inspired.


    Founder of Jurisglobal law firm and of DI MARTINO Avocats, Gaétan DI MARTINO is a French lawyer and possesses a high-level expertise in the fields of tax law, business law, real estate law, litigation, commercial and international contracts and employment law. He is affiliated to the bar of Strasbourg, graduated with the degree of Juriste et Conseil d’Entreprise (Legal counsel diploma) and the certificate of specialized studies in corporate law, lecturer at the Institute of Political Studies of Strasbourg and at EM Strasbourg Business School. He was admittted as a Solicitor of England and Wales by the SRA ( Solicitors Regulation Authority) affiliated to the English Law Society and thus qualified to practice law in the UK.

    After a successful run, Gaétan DI MARTINO is embracing professional development by cultivating his knowledge. He is indeed a recognized speaker at EM Strasbourg and at Sciences Politics school in Strasbourg in France where he can convey his values and his passion for the legal and business field. He is also Jury of the ELSA European Negotiation Competition. Not only he enjoys teaching classes to students, he constantly looks to nourish his current expertise through new training programs such as mediation and arbitration.


    Enhancing new skills while taking steps forward to anticipate economic changes as well as digital evolution has been one of Gaétan DI MARTINO’s watchword and is the firm strength today. For example, the blockchain and GDPR training have been at the roots of a new customer base and the expansion of Jurisglobal. 

    Beyond his will to always renew his expertise and cultivate open-minded thoughts, problem solving is a day to day mindset that allows him to maintain good relationships between the firm and the clients as well as among the employees. This helped every collaborator in developing good interpersonal skills and as a result be more efficient in their work.

    Gaétan DI MARTINO is always looking for new ways to satisfy the client’s needs. In this spirit, he actively participates in forums and board meetings. He aims to maintain good relationships with his clients by going to private events.

    To stay up to date with the latest technological trends, he actively participates in large conferences in Strasbourg, Paris and all over the France and abroad in London for example which serve the firm’s purpose of always renewing its skills, as well as promoting the network and its image on the marketplace.


    Apart from participating in external events, Gaétan DI MARTINO believes in the importance of team building activities and business discussions. Therefore, as part of an internal communication strategy, he organized an Annual General meeting every year to reunite all the partners of Jurisglobal. The meeting conveyed the sense of togetherness carried by the values of Jurisglobal and allowed pioneers of the legal field to discuss about ongoing trends and challenges.

    Gaétan DI MARTINO is also an active member of the French Chamber of Commerce in London and a former member of the Franco-British Lawyers Society. He is also a French member of International Association of Young Lawyers (AIJA).

    Gaetan DI MARTINO Avocat Strasbourg Londres