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    At Jurisglobal, innovation is at the heart of our strategy and ambitions. To do so, we develop new expertises to support you through the evolution of your business and commercial activities. The Legal expertise of our lawyers and legal counsel allows us to deal with matters regarding blockchain technology, ICO and smart contratcs: 

    • Identification of conformity issues
    • Development and integration of a global strategy around activities linked to blockchain technology approved by authority regulations
    • Support of regulations and insurance of technology risks
    • Protection of personal data (GDPR)

    We can support all your legal projects in regards to:

    • ICO (Initial Coin Offering) ;
    • Smart Contracts ;
    • the making of legal audit 


    Founded in 2008, this technology represents a data base containing historic of exchanges between users since its creation. It keeps a record of each transaction and information. Its functionning is simple, it secures all information that used be subject to both technological and human error. Today, all information blocks are fragmented and hosted by millions of users and they are working with an algorythm that stops the information from being altered.

    Avocat blockchain et ICO - Paris - Londres

    The new fields of this technology are large: banking, insurance, health, pharmaceuticals, supply chain, legal and many other sectors. 

    Blockchain could replace “trusted third party” by dispatched informatic systems.


    ICO (Initial Coin Offering) is the new generation of fund raising. Easier to manage and allowing tracking, ICOs works by emitting digital assests called tokens that will be exchange for virtual currency in a second time (also called cryptocurrency).

    Our lawyers and legal consel support you in every step of your projects involving ICO:

    • Conception (project overview / Scope and Goal seeting / SWOT / Time outline definition …)
    • Team (team hunt, partners hunt, advisors hunt & onboarding)
    • Pre ICO – Legal (Bank account / White paper / Incorporation / GDPR / Fraud & regulations …)
    • Private Sale (Investors hunt / Long list blockchain pre-sale funds)
    • Pre ICO – Product development (Brand & Website creation / ICO Smart contract / Lightpaper / Cyber security …)
    • Pre ICO – Communication (Community engagement plan / Content production & editing / PR strategy / Social Media Management …)
    • Marketing (ICO trackers / Referral an Influencer program / Creation of advertising / Traffic Agency …)
    • Token (Creation / Management / Vesting / Release schedule / Pricing)
    • Public sale (Hardware wallet setup / Smart contract audit & development / KYC & AML onboarding …)
    • Listing (Application exchange / Listing coinmarketcap & wallets)
    • Financial services (Market making / Cashing)


    Smart contrat allows the writing of principles between several parties in the blockchain. They automate the rules previously defined.

    This innovation allows us to reduce verification cost, execution cost, arbitration cost and fraud, and can overcome moral issues” explains Gaetan DI MARTINO founder and managing partner of Jurisglobal.

    Our team of lawyers and legal consel will support you through the making of smart contracts from writing to validation prosesses.


    While blockchain and cryptocurrency suffer from a lack of legislation in Europe and around the world. The execution and follow up of those projects need a strong legal expertise.

    One of the major challenges for most of investors is the audit of a smart contrat code.

    Lawyers and consel work upstream your blockchain projects by validating legal information that you will be given. Our priority is the execution of your projects in a secure manner.

    Gaétan DI MARTINO, managing partner of Jurisglobal states:

    « It is necessary to anticipate challenges of this technology that will revolutionaize processes within businesses for the next 15 years.”