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    Our large panel of legal services

    Business strategic consulting 

    Counsel and support in entrepreneurship, business development, restructuring and internationalisation are our firm’s core activities. We provide qualitative consulting to Start-ups, small businesses or large companies. Those operations apply to Fiscal Law, Litigation and mediation, Business Law, collective proceedings, and real estate. Our clients range from large international companies to emerging start-ups from various industries.

    Our teams are qualifies to negotiate on your behalf in 8 different languages such as French, English, Italian and Spanish. We can support you through international operations from our different offices abroad located in London, Paris, Strasbourg, Lisbon, Rome, Milan, Barcelona, Madrid, Beirut, Guatemala city and Hong Kong with lawyers that are experts in their field.

    Passionate about entrepreneurship, we constantly aim to improve our services and our skills to provide a global expertise covering all aspects of the launch and development of your projects, addressing legal, strategic and financial challenges. We also thrive to offer innovative and  complementary services such as intervening on your behalf as a representative in estate transactions, an artists manager…

    Areas of focus

    Business creation and takeover

    Jurisglobal guides entrepreneurs in business creation and takeover. Our goal is to enable companies to launch and develop projects safely and increase their productivity.

    Insolvency and restructuring

    Jurisglobal works by your side to defend your interests while looking for investors or in business transfert. We assist you through each step of the process.

    Intellectual property

    Whether it is artistic or industrial, protection of intellectual property is at the heart of Jurisglobal’s activities. Trademark, litigation we work on every issue you may encounter.

    Social law

    Jurisglobal offers its expertise in employment law, advise and make sure the company regulations comply with legislation and jurisprudence. 

    Fiscal Law

    Jurisglobal helps it clients in developing an efficient financial strategy. Our expertise focuses on business fiscality as well as personal fiscality at a national or international level.

    Real Estate Law 

    Jurisglobal assists you with real estate law. We advise you in collection of houses, proceedings, eviction or property transaction (commercial, accommodation lease agreement).

    Construction law and urban affairs

    Our team assists you in complex real estate structuring, building permit audit, construction site execution problems, establishment of financial claims, and in litigation (appeals challenging the validity of a contract or a termination measure, appeals relating to the establishment of the statement, etc.).

    Family Law 

    Our team specialised in Family Law assists you in matters of divorce, gender change, adoption, nationality request or inheritance. Even regarding crossborder cases.


    Jurisglobal supports its clients in the signature of commercial contracts in order to conserve their best interests. We also assist them in case of litigation whether our clients are based in London, Paris, Strasbourg or around the globe.

    Litigation and mediation

    Members of Jurisglobal have great experience in global litigation or in particular fields. We can also take action in proceedings involving debt collection. 

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