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Louise Gaentzhirt is a lawyer and member of the Paris Bar since 2010. She joined the Jurisglobal network in April 2019 and is in charge of cases in the fields of construction law and urban planning law. 


Louise Gaentzhirt has expertise in litigation and consulting in public business law (in public procurement), urban planning law, and also in construction law. She assists her clients in negotiating and drafting contracts in France and abroad, in complex real estate projects, in the auditing of building permits, in issues related to the execution of construction sites, etc. It also represents its clients in amicable or judicial expert appraisals and defends their interests in matters of builders’ liability (contractual guarantees, perfect completion, proper operation, and ten-year warranties) as well as in terms of drafting and negotiating transactional acts. 

Louise Gaentzhirt also collaborates with international architectural firms, technical design offices, and construction companies. 

She also advises the Commission des Experts d’Assurances (CEA) on the subject of “specialities in litigation concerning the liability of constructors before the administrative courts” and has given courses in construction law at the ESTP (École Spéciale des Travaux Publics) for several years. 


Louise Gaentzhirt graduated with a Master I in public law and a Master II in contracts and public works in 2008. She has been a lawyer in a technical design office and has several years of experience in renowned law firms specialising in construction law.