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Our Expertise

Jurisglobal primarily supports business leaders. We practice as a lawyer or as an advisor for any operation necessary for the economic life of a company.

Present in 8 territories, we can handle your cases or conduct negotiations on your behalf in 6 different languages thanks to our members based in Paris, Strasbourg, Lisbon, Rome, Milan, Beirut, Tunis, and Hong Kong.


Jurisglobal guides entrepreneurs in setting up and taking over businesses. Our goal is to enable companies to launch and develop projects safely and to increase their productivity.


Jurisglobal offers its expertise in employment law, advises and ensures that the company's internal regulations comply with legislation and case law.


The lawyers of Jurisglobal help their clients design an efficient tax strategy. They offer their expertise to assist their clients established in France or abroad.

Real Estate

Jurisglobal can assist you in real estate law. We can advise you on rent collection, procedures, expert appraisals, evictions, recovery or real estate transactions (commercial leases, residential leases, etc.).


Family law governs all the rules that apply to all persons related by blood, marriage or adoption. The lawyers of the Jurisglobal network assist their clients in the context of a PACS, cohabitation, marriage, divorce or acknowledgment of paternity, but also in the drafting of a marriage contract or in the case of mediation in the context of a divorce.


Jurisglobal supports its clients in signing commercial contracts in order to protect their best interests. We also assist them in the event of litigation, wherever they are.

N├ęgociation et m├ędiation

Jurisglobal helps you in two ways. We offer you the option of either being your lawyer in a mediation process or being your mediator. Jurisglobal offers you a fast-track method of dispute resolution.

Construction et urbanisme

Jurisglobal assists its clients in construction law and construction insurance. The expertise of our lawyers assists you in the successful completion of your real estate project and informs you about the necessary insurance.


Jurisglobal's specialised lawyers can assist you in maritime law and related matters - customs law, environmental law, etc. With a thorough knowledge of the market, they offer you their expertise in the enforcement of foreign arbitral awards and judgments.