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    International network 

    Jurisglobal is a group of international lawyers who assist their clients in business law, fiscal law, commercial law, real estate, family law and in private law.

    It is a pro-active union of international and independant lawyers, that relies on high technologies while bringing ressources and investments to overcome challenges of the legal field internationally.

    We have developped working methods that rely on digitalisation of the field, collaboration and management of legal international projects to increase our expertise and improve our performance.

    Fast pace growth 

    After a successful run, our group grows quickly, opening new offices in different countries brining new expertise.

    The main goal of Jurisglobal network is to increase your visibility with our communication strategy. We offer a large visibility to your law firm through our website and social media use. Moreover, with our active participation in external events on your behalf. Jurisglobal is the showcase of your expertise. 

    Innovation is at the heart of our field. We provide our members with high technology tools so you always remain one step ahead.

    You benefit from a real international support with colleagues qualified to practise law in different jurisdictions and who can assist you on numerous files. Indeed, our members are REL (Registered European Lawyer), RFL (Registered Foreign Lawyer) and solicitor of England and Wales registered with the SRA (Solicitors Regulations Auhtority). You can meet them during Jurisglobal events. You can also direct your clients towards trustworthy members among our network on international matters.

    groupe avocats internationaux


    Constant international support 

    Our group Jurisglobal is a firm of international lawyers who transcend the legal field, the services offered, organisations and borders as we know them. We select and reunite the best lawyers around the world for you. Therefore you can discuss with professionnals who exceed your expectations.

    Lawyers of Jurisglobal face new challenges in their own countries on the daily. With our law firms based in LondonParisStrasbourgLisbonMadrid, BarcelonaRomeMilan, Cyprus, Beirut, Hong Kong and Guatemala City.

    Whether it regards administration, legal departments or public matters, Jurisglobal differenciates from other international groups with lawyers who are passionate about innovation in the legal field. Each year, more and more lawyers want to join our network due to the diversity and professionalism of our law firms. They can meet other members and learn from each others. This strong cohesion has a positive and direct impact on our daily work to assist our clients.


    Our shared values 



    With the rise of new communication model and new technologies, there is an urgent need to anticipate and adapt to changes to meet the client’s needs. In the same spirit, lawyers can be independent in their work. As lawyers, we are also entrepreneurs in our own firm. Our goal is to develop what we have built and to not loose control. Each of our members play a major part in Jurisglobal’s growth.


    We must listen to each client and be able to meet his/her needs. This is why we daily look for new ways to ease exchanges and to increase our delivery speed.


    We believe that every solution can be found in daily exchanges between lawyers and clients. We must assist the client and find answers with him. Jurisglobal network allows skills sharing as well as to develop a synergy to increase our efficiency.


    You know your field better than anyone else. The expertise of Jurisglobal’s members is mostly concentrated in business law and every service towards entrepreneurs. You provide the legal skills to help clients to develop, and we are implementing communication actions and expertises on innovation to help you developing your firm and help your collaborators as well. 

    Equipe Avocats groupe Jurisglobal


    Is our group the right fit for you? 

    It is with a particular attention that we select our members depending on business opportunities by country and by skills. 

    As said, you can join us if:

    • you are ready to rise up our law firm internationally
    • you wish to share values and skills with other lawyers
    • you wish to be a part of a dynamic and visionnary network
    • you wish to remain independant and flexible…

    Let’s talk…

    If you wish to have further information, fill out the contact form below and our team will get in touch with you as quick as possible. A phone interview or video call will be organised with an active member of the network to understand your motivations, to present you our package and discuss about our values and perspectives.

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